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All Body Corporate Managers are not the same

Bryant’s provide professional service at the lowest total cost of Management in the State.

Is this claim true??? Read on for proof


?????? “How can that promise be true


We supply full profit and loss reports to committe every month for complete transparancy



We call multiple tenders for your insurance every year giving competitive prices


We refund the whole of insurance commission to the body corporate—a major save


We do not charge “computer fees” or “Communication fees”


We have an efficient standard procedure to stop your ‘slow payers’ getting out of control


Everything is transparent

It is not “how much is the fee”, but how much will it cost you for ALL fees & charges

About Us

40 years experience

Peter Bryant has 40 years strata experience, Is a former Strata TAFE teacher of Strata, Former Mayor of a large metropolitan city, Founding Chairman of a local government consortium arranging public liability insurance. A licensed Strata Manager and has completed a residential course in the USA on large scale Condaminium (Home unit) management…and holds an “Order of Australia” for service to the public.

Elaine Bryant is a former Mayoress and widely experience in Body Corporate management

Free Monthly reports & clearest paperwork

We provide your committee by email each  month with a full set of ‘year-to-date’ balance sheet and Income and expenditure.

Our management agreement is a simple 2 page document that does
not need a lawyer to interpret. Our meeting
papers and Minutes are simple and make it easy for you to cast your vote.

Who else gives you
a guarantee of service

Our guarantee reads

“we will provide our client owners corporation with the highest standard of professional advice, administration and integrity, with due diligence in the protection of their-asset” …

Our whole philosophy is one of service as “service” is the only commodity that we have to sell. The guarantee is printed on every letterhead and every notice and it is there to measure your performance every day.

Who else will give you a written guarantee of service ???

Does your present Body Corporate Manager?


Frequently Asked Questions


How experienced are we?

We have experience in schemes as small as duplexes and as large as one building with 792 units.

We also manage many factory strata plans, commercial offices and retirement villages, one of which has 240 lots.


Who would be our Body Corporate Manager?

It would be personally managed by Peter Bryant.



Where will the body corporate meeting be held?

We can hold the meetings at your building for better attendance — and we can hold them after hours or weekends.



Do we also manage Factory Bodies Corporate or others types?

Yes with large cost savings.



Ph 07-5437-7777
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Mob: 0438-579-950

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